Cook together this Valentines Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at home gives you time to reconnect with your loved one while making something delicious together. It’s also a great excuse to try something new, breaking up those monotonous weeknight dishes.
Whether it’s a new cuisine or a favorite recipe, an appetizer or main course, add truffles for a special touch to celebrate your love.
Some ways to use our products this Valentine’s Day:
Sliced Summer Truffle

More affordable than fresh truffles, but still has that fresh truffle look. Mix into risotto or pastas.
Truffle Zest
A dash of Zest can transform anything into a truffle-y heavenly bite
Truffled Steak Sauce
If you’re searing a nice juicy steak, think about pairing it with our truffle steak sauce to give it a delicious pop of flavor.
Fresh Truffle
Black winter truffles are in season now. They’re great paired with meats or finished on pastas.
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