Chefs Series


  My name is Thomas Carletti, I’m 23 and have been passionate about cooking since I was a child. I come from two f...

THE CHEF SERIES: Michael Ruggiero, Executive Chef, GlenArbor Golf Club

  Can you give us a short bio of yourself? Chef Michael Ruggiero, currently the Executive Chef at GlenArbor Golf ...

THE CHEF SERIES: Featuring Adam Raksin, Great Jones Distilling Co.

Meet Chef Adam Raksin of Great Jones Distilling Co.     Chef Adam Raksin has spent over 15 years in the culinary m...

THE CHEF SERIES: Featuring John Moshos, Elm Street Diner

Chef John Moshos has been the owner-operator of Elm Street Diner since 1987. The Diner, started by John's parents, has been his playground since he was a kid. He is known for taking the traditional family business to a new level and creates the ultimate "cheat day comfort food" that everyone loves. He experiments with fresh truffles and truffle products in his kitchen, trying to elevate each dish, and make it even better than it was before. 

THE CHEF SERIES: Featuring Chef Oliver Lange, Zuma Restaurant Group

"Early in my career, I remember the first time a truffle supplier brought a box of white truffles in the kitchen from the great smell. I immediately wanted to know what it was."

THE CHEF SERIES: Featuring Chef Dan Peretta, The Alinea Group

Our first Chef to kick off the series is Chef Dan Perretta Dan Perretta grew up in Toronto, Canada and graduated fro...
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