THE CHEF SERIES: Featuring Adam Pawlak, Egg & Flour Pasta Bar

Adam Pawlak


Meet Chef Adam Pawlak, born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Have cooked my whole life, and now own 4 restaurants and growing! My background is fine dining, Italian cuisine, pasta, and steaks. I love traveling and researching trends, menus, recipes. Food is life and I am happy I can love my job every day!

What's cooking? (Like literally, right now)  

Depends if it's fine dining or fast casual. I live in two worlds. Seasonal fresh ingredients for fine dining, with a modern twist. My fast casual concepts are over the top comfort food with classic techniques.

What ingredient (besides truffles) is most important to your cuisine? 


What experience changed the way you see food? 

Owning fast casual concepts that still provide hand made quality and ingredients with a smaller price point.

What was your first truffle experience like? *

I loved it. It was pasta with black summer truffles shaved on top.

What is your favorite way to use fresh truffles?

Pasta, steak, salads

What is your go-to truffle product? And how do you use it?

We use the White Truffle infused Olive oil that we love to use for our buttered truffle sauce for pasta. It's on the menu at our restaurant right now.

What is the best truffle dish you’ve ever made?

A black truffle-crusted ribeye with shaved truffle and a balsamic Demi-glace. 

Are there any tips you found helpful when working with truffles, that we can share with all of our truffle lovers out there? 

Use fresh truffles as soon as they come in. Know when to over load the dish with truffles and know when to be more subtle.

What are you eating and drinking on a typical night off from the kitchen? 

Burgers, pizza, tacos

What cookbook do you reference for inspiration? 

Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef by Massimo Bottura.

What's the newest challenge you've taken on in the kitchen? 

Owning and managing multiple locations. 

What don't most people understand about truffles?

When to use them correctly in a dish. Once you figure that out, the rest is pretty easy.

If you had to make a truffle dish for a 5-year old what would it be? 

Mac and cheese with truffles on top.
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