Dates: 3/1/21- 3/7/21 | Fresh Truffles In Season: BLACK WINTER

A shot of our Black Winter truffles.

A second shot Of Our Black Winter Truffles.

A third Shot of our Black Winter Truffles.

PLEASE NOTE: Whole Truffles will often have a little nick , we call this a "canifer". This is a man-made nick done to check the ripeness of the flesh, by the forager. The forager will make a little cut with a special knife called a "canife”, hence the term "canifer".

Tuber Melanosporum

Good morning fellow Truffle lovers,

As the Black Winter Truffle season slowly meanders towards its end, we continue to have access to perfectly ripe truffles. With a recent wave of warmer days across Southern Europe, less truffles were harvested last week. Due to the lower supply, prices are up this week.

For our customers looking to purchase truffles to be frozen for use throughout the year, we have discovered a method that allows for better visual retention of marbling in our truffles.

To start, slice your truffles to a thinness that is slightly thicker than you would normally serve them. This minimizes the amount of curling of each piece during the preservation process. Once sliced, place your truffles in vacuum seal bags and layer inside of a sheet pan. Place a second sheet pan on top and vacuum seal. This keeps your truffles perfectly flat during the vacuum sealing process and allows you to layer them in the freezer for longer term storage. The best part? The wonderful marbling that black winter truffles are known for will be better preserved than if they were frozen whole.

We hope this tip helps create excellent results for you!

Harvested from: November - March

Profile: Dark, rough exterior, but not as coarse as Black Summer truffles.
Flesh begins as brown and ages to black with white marbling. 

Aroma: Strong aroma resembling cocoa, licorice, hazelnuts, and mint. 

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