Dates: 10/18/21- 10/24/21 | Fresh Truffles In Season: WHITE / BURGUNDY

A shot of our Burgundy truffles.

More Of Our Burgundy Truffles.

A Closeup Of Our Burgundy Truffles.

PLEASE NOTE: Whole Truffles will often have a little nick , we call this a "canifer". This is a man-made nick done to check the ripeness of the flesh, by the forager. The forager will make a little cut with a special knife called a "canife”, hence the term "canifer".

Tuber Magnatum Pico


Tuber Uncinatum

Good morning truffle fans,The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! White Truffles season has started! We have received our first batch of fresh White Truffles (tuber magnatum pico) available from Italy. We waited to start importing white truffles this year until we could ensure good quality in the product. The white truffles we just received show very nice quality and are brimming with the pronounced aromas white truffles are known for.We also received another outstanding batch of fresh Burgundy truffles (tuber uncinatum) from Italy. The quality continues to be excellent with nicely-formed, round truffles. This batch is notable for the consistency of dark, jet black skins and earthy, cacao bean and chestnut aromas. Prices have increased slightly this week.Send us an email for a fast quote.Kindest regards,The Sabatino team

Harvested from: September - November

Profile: Skin has a black, rocky outer layer. Flesh ranges from beige To Dark Brown in color.

Aroma: Rich notes of hazelnuts, Cacao Beans, and earth.

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