Dates: 9/20/21- 9/26/21 | Fresh Truffles In Season: BURGUNDY

A shot of our Burgundy truffles.

More Of Our Burgundy Truffles.

A Closeup Of Our Burgundy Truffles.

PLEASE NOTE: Whole Truffles will often have a little nick , we call this a "canifer". This is a man-made nick done to check the ripeness of the flesh, by the forager. The forager will make a little cut with a special knife called a "canife”, hence the term "canifer".

Tuber Uncinatum

Good morning truffle lovers,Week 2 of fresh Burgundy truffle (tuber uncinatum) season is off to a great start! We received another large batch of perfectly formed Burgundy truffles. These are exquisite examples with uniform black skin and earthier, more cocoa-like aromas than Black Summer truffles. We continue to receive fresh shipments daily and prices are steady.As you may know, Burgundy truffle season lasts from mid-September to late October and potentially into early November. These early-season batches release aromas of fresh earth, cocoa beans, and roasted nuts that Burgundy truffles are known for. Send us an email for a fast quote.

Kindest regards,
The Sabatino team

Harvested from: September - November

Profile: Skin has a black, rocky outer layer. Flesh ranges from beige To Dark Brown in color.

Aroma: Rich notes of hazelnuts, Cacao Beans, and earth.

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