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We are big dog lovers over here
at Sabatino Truffles!

If it weren't for our furry friends, we would not find these precious truffles to share with you all. We pay our respects to our adorable truffle hunting dogs with this Rewards Program by honoring them in our VIP Tiers!

Our 3 Tiers of truffle hunting dogs:
Springer Spaniel, Water Dog, Lagotto Romagnolo

Earn points and make your way up to our top tier:
Lagotto Romagnolo- Italy's favorite truffle hunting breed!

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*Join The Program
5 Points 

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1 Point earned per $1 spent

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Join Our newsletter
5 Points

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Like Us on Facebook
5 Points

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Follow us on Instagram
10 Points

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Birthday Bonus
10 Points

* Customer can only redeem 5 points when signing up if a new account is created.  
*please allow up to 24 hours for points to update*


Product category

Choice of 1, 1 oz sample
50 Points

Product category

$3.75 OFF Coupon
75 Points

Product category

Seasoning Packet
Set of 5

100 Points

Product category

Pronto Mac and Cheese
OR Pronto Risotto

300 Points

Product category

$15.75 OFF Coupon
350 Points

Product category

Choice of one seasoning from line
350 Points

Product category

Sabatino Branded Notebooks
400 Points

Product category

1 Truffle Oil
OR 1 Truffled Condiment

500 Points

Product category

$24.00 OFF Coupon
600 Points

Product category

White Truffle Cream OR
Whole Black Truffles in Jar

700 Points

Product category

Sliced Summer Truffles,
OR Truffle Honey
750 Points

Product category

Stainless Steel Slicer
1000 Points

Product category

$42.00 OFF Coupon
1200 Points

Product category

Truffle Seasoning Gift Set
OR *2oz Fresh Truffles

1500 Points

Product category

$60.00 OFF Coupon
2000 Points

* Fresh White Truffles are not Included.


* Gifts & Samples are unlocked with purchase.
** Please allow up to 30 days to receive.

The Truffle Hunting Club Rewards Program is only for the website sales. You will not be able to receive points for in-store purchases or use points for in-store redemption at this time.We apologize for any inconvenience.

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