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Do you need to liven up your menu at home?  Well look no further!  This exciting Truffle Luxury set will do just the trick!  It includes Sabatino Truffle Honey, Sabatino Truffle Salt and ALL NEW ALL NATURAL, Sabatino Truffle Zest®!

This savory Truffle Honey combines Grade A honey with real truffle pieces.  Perfect for a meat glaze, meat and cheese boards, sandwiches, dressing, drizzled over fruit or cake, or topping off ice cream and sorbet.

The Truffle Salt is a delectable blend of Sicilian sea salt and Italian dry summer truffles - Great as a flavorful replacement for table salt - Great on a variety of dishes including meats, eggs, vegetables, salads, soups, fries and popcorn

Truffle Zest is Perfect for any dish. Such as soups, potatoes, vegetables, rub, eggs, rice, pasta, pizza, meats and even snacks like popcorn or chips! JUST ADD A PINCH TO YOUR MEAL!



Good Morning America Sabatino Tartufi

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