Sea Bass Carpaccio with Buffalo Cream, Pink Pepper, and Truffle Zest®

From the depths of the Mediterranean comes this new gastronomic wonder. Dive into this delectable creation featuring fresh flavors and refined touches of elegance. This dish encapsulates the essence of Mediterranean cuisine by artfully combining the delicate succulence of sea bass with the opulence of buffalo mozzarella and cream. Pink peppercorns add a gentle zing, while the earthy aroma of Truffle Zest elevates the experience to one of sheer gourmet delight.

Every bite of this dish is a sensory revelation, where the interplay of textures and sophisticated flavors swim in perfect harmony. 


2 Mediterranean Sea bass or Branzino fillets, preferably individually quick frozen

1 ball Buffalo mozzarella (about 12 oz)

8oz Heavy Cream

2 tsp Pink peppercorns, finely ground


Watercress, for garnish

1.5 tsp Truffle Zest® seasoning


  1. Thaw sea bass fillets in the refrigerator, 8 to 24 hours before using. 
  2. Once thawed, carefully dry the fillets with a paper towel, then slice as thinly as possible and place on a chilled plate while you prepare the buffalo cream.
  3. Slice or rip Buffalo mozzarella into small bite-sized pieces and add to a food processor or blender. Add 1.5 tsp of pink peppercorns and salt to taste then pulse or blend at low speed until well combined. Increase speed to medium and slowly drizzle in cream until completely emulsified. Taste and adjust seasoning.
  4. Once emulsified remove the blender from the base and spoon cream into a clean bowl or storage container and set aside for plating.
  5. To assemble, use a ring mold to give structure to the form. Inside, carefully place slices of the sea bass carpaccio in a neat formation to fill the bottom of the bold. Next, top with a few spoonfuls of buffalo cream and garnish with ground pink pepper and Truffle Zest®.
  6. To finish, remove ring mold and garnish with 2-3 watercress leaves. 

Recommendation: If possible, use individually quick-frozen sea bass or branzino fillets that have been frozen to -35 degrees or below to ensure the fish is completely free of parasites. You should only consume raw fish if purchased from a reputable source where you are comfortable with the quality and assured the product is safe for raw consumption. Consuming raw seafood can put you at risk for foodborne illness, so we advise using the best quality seafood available.
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