Puro Bianco

Pure white truffle paté, limited edition

An unearthed recipe from generations ago

luxuriously indulgent. A spoonful of opulence. 

Our Puro Bianco is a luxuriously indulgent blend of just one main ingredient: 

rare Italian white truffles

White truffles

are one of the rarest foods in the world. This is an exclusive opportunity to try these renowned truffles in one of its purest forms -blended and sealed- without the time-sensitivity and unpredictability of fresh white truffles. 

 Small-Batch, Limited Edition.

For the ultimate taste of 


use this rich paté as a topping for canapes and caviar, or mix into sauces for steaks and pasta.

Ingredients: 99% truffle, 08% olive oil, 02% salt

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