Now that truffles have become somewhat ubiquitous, we are seeing them be creatively incorporated into a variety of different dishes and cuisines. Traditional dishes like eggs, pasta, and risotto are most common and popular offerings for truffle pairings. However, in today's culinary world, creativity with truffles is at an all-time high, with pairings found in burgers, sushi, ramen, steaks, and even desserts.

For fresh truffles, there are a few rules of thumb to go by:

1. Fresh truffles best pair with dishes that are more subtle in flavor to allow for the truffles to shine. Think butter, creams, eggs, pasta, potatoes… all of which have a neutral flavor.

2. Fresh truffles pair well with fat. The aroma and flavor of truffles heighten when paired with a fat - the fat helps bring out the flavor. Think pork belly, foie gras, wagyu, toro.

3. Never pair fresh truffles with anything spicy or too acidic. Fresh truffles are very light in flavor and texture, almost an airy quality to them. When they are paired with anything spicy that spiciness will overpower the truffle. Same goes with anything too acidic (tomatoes, acid) will overpower as well.
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